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Catching EP

by Captive Portal

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Internally Grateful Words by: Zach Bridier I sing a song to the world Beautiful sounds everywhere Every time I close my eyes I see a beautiful design
Don't Tickle Me Words by: Ben Barber Laughin', clappin', rappin' at a speed where adaptin' To the lacking of oxygen that is back in the stacked in Lungs that are crackin' when it's time to start reacting to captains Yelling out "What has happened?" this madness is just a fraction Let's just say this boat is sinking, while I'm sitting here blinking, thinking I haven't the slightest inkling as I'm freezin' like I'm rinkin' These times I wanna give up But its gonna get rough, but I gotta get up And get rid of the negativity that I got lit up Cause this my time, everybody else better get in line I don't wanna stand up here and just shine I just want a chance to just rhyme Rock the crowd got the proud coming at me But you know I gotta black the cloud Knock it down... shock it loud Er than the truth I'm tryna bring I am just a rapper so you know that I ain't tryna sing I wanna be a humble being so I don't end up tumbling Down to the bottom from my stumbling We all make mistakes, I'm fumbling It's all a part of the process I'm just as lost as the next guy seeking solace Or maybe a friend, you never hear them say "You never get to be 80 again" And if you rate me a 10 I'll probably think you hate me again Cause I fear that fake be in and you'll just break me again But I'm havin' another nightmare can you shake me again? I shouldn't go back to sleep and get the lights you have to clap to see
Beautiful Reciprocal Words by: Zach Bridier Fathering is coming soon Pushing out towards you Juggling is the process Stress will be brand new The new is crying Reaching out for your care Beautiful reciprocal You do your best to be there The end is coming Where you part your ways You can go through your history What were all the good ol' days? You pack the luggage Give hugs and kisses goodbye There will only be visits For just a short while Fathering is coming soon Pushing out towards the new Juggling is the process Stress will be brand new The new is crying Reaching out for the new's new Beautiful reciprocal You did your best to be there


After the huge "Throwing" debut (April 2013), Captive Portal comes back with a nice "Catching".

In his second EP Zach Bridier again combines digital era electronic music with analog electronics, acoustic instruments, vocals, voices, short field recordings, again collaborates with throughout-the-music-spectrum set of artist, again producing a synergistic fusion of styles and influences. And pushing it all further.

While in "Throwing" one can hear Zach perfecting the art of short and "simple" songwriting and composition, cutting short the song structure dogmas (for good), for "Catching" we have tracks that tend to be longer and with much more layers, denser (call it less sterile, but not less carefully crafted) sonic spectrum and representing a much broader mix of compositional, performance and production approaches, realised into the epic sequel we have here.

Full collaborating artist credits appear on the cover artwork and so do the song lyrics, including the ones for Benadiction's spectacular rap on "Don't Tickle Me". Zach also had the opportunity to use a Minimoog for the EP recording sessions and you will hear how he did not miss the opportunity to do so.



released January 10, 2014

Produced & Mixed by: Zach Bridier
Mastered by: Ian Miller. Mastered to tape.
Photography & Graphic Design: Taylor Likes

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Mahorka Bulgaria

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